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Firm Profile: Hanna & Hanna Certified Court Reporting and Video Specialists in Houston, Texas

(Houston, Texas)

Houston, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in North America. With its ever multi-cultural population and vibrant economic growth, the city and its surrounding communities is becoming a hotbed for entrepreneurs, tourism, the arts, and of course, the legal profession.

A Legacy of Success

Among Houston court reporters, Hanna & Hanna Certified Reporting is considered one of the pre-eminent firms thanks to its long history and its reputation for technological and professional innovation. An independently-owned firm by certified reporters Kelly and Jim Hanna, Hanna & Hanna have represented the Houston area for more than 25 years.

Their team of certified court reporters includes experts with legal videography. Their meeting rooms for conferences and depositions include all the high technology components of a successful location, from ultra high speed wifi to high definition video monitors and much more.

NNRC Partnership

As members of the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC), the largest national court reporters directory, Hanna & Hanna are uniquely positioned to provide worldwide coverage. Their strategic partnership with NNRC provides a full range of reporting services and litigation support for law firms throughout Texas and the nation.

Houston, Texas Contacts and Office

The firm can be reached at the following:

713.840.8484, Fax: 713.583.2442, Toll Free – 877.840.DEPO and by email:
Hanna & Hanna are conveniently located in downtown Houston at 8582 Katy Freeway, Suite 105, Houston, Texas 77024.



National Network Reporting Company Launches New Directory of Ohio Court Reporters

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is the largest directory of national court reporters in North America and provides global coverage for all reporting services ranging from real time reporting, trial support, legal videography and document transcription to hosting meetings.

NNRC recently announce the launch of a new directory designed for the state of Ohio. The Ohio court reporters directory provides listings by city for all markets in the Buckeye state and includes Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton and Canton. As much a micro-site complete with everything you need to schedule a service, as it is a directory, the Ohio court reporters listings include a contact form, recent legal news posts in all areas of practice, a clickable map for national court reporters searches, and a list of features provided by members.

NNRC Board Member Gayle Anderson describes the evolution and development of the Ohio directory:

We wanted to expand our services so that attorneys and legal professionals outside of Ohio would have a one-stop resource for scheduling any court reporting need they had in Ohio. We have found that as a national court reporters directory, it is important to serve the needs of both local and national law firms. By providing a mobile-friendly booking engine and an index of markets, services and firms in Ohio we have made it much more efficient for attorneys to book last minute services such as depositions by expert witnesses and conferences.

For legal professionals in wills and trusts, personal injury law, copyright law and other areas of practice, the importance of having a reliable online directory of reporters for cities large and small cannot be over-valued. With today’s rapid fire pace of case negotiations, depositions, board meetings, and video streaming needs for tele-conferences it is crucial that law firms and paralegals trust the process of quick schedulings and document transcriptions with short turn around times.

The National Network Reporting Company provides expert services to law firms large and small across North America and Europe and is the most trusted online resource.

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Cleveland Is Developing Into a Legal and Economic Hot Spot

There is a renaissance brewing in the city by the lake and you may not even be aware of it! Cleveland is a hot new town thanks to a variety of converging factors ranging from the city’s affordability in housing to exciting new chefs moving in. What does this all have to do with legal news and court reporting you ask?

Well it is changing the way many law firms and Cleveland court reporters like Cady Reporting are operating. The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association is a major player in the city’s legal scene sponsoring a variety of excellent events and offering a strong forum for area legal news. They even have a great “Give to the Community” section that offers volunteer and donation opportunities to the legal community.

As for the city’s food scene, even the Los Angeles Times is praising Cleveland with a sterling article highlighting how new chefs and exciting new restaurants are complementing the more traditional establishments to offer Clevelanders a more open and diverse dining experience. has a great new list of 19 top restaurants in the city.

For attorneys, court reporters, paralegals, and other legal professionals, Cleveland, Ohio has always been a city with a unique blend of traditional mid-Western values and a forward-thinking excitement for contemporary culture. The law firms in the greater Cleveland area include nationally-honored attorneys in criminal law, corporate law, real estate law and other areas of practice.

The court reporters include firms known for their technical and technological know-how as well as those that travel across the nation for a variety of cases.

Whether you are a legal professional or tourist, one thing is certain: Cleveland’s days as a depressed and depressing old industrial city are behind it. Today Cleveland is a vibrant and exciting plays to practice law or just visit for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There are many reasons to make the trek to the lovely city by the lake.



How Bakersfield Has Become a Legal Center in California’s Kern County

Bakersfield is a city on the rise. Long the major town of Kern County in California’s central valley, at the southern end of the San Joaquin valley, court reporters, paralegals, attorneys and other legal professionals are transforming the city into a legal hotspot.

Bakersfield Court Reporters

Bakersfield court reportersBakersfield court reporters, like Kelehers Reporting, are changing the way local and state reporting firms are attracting new clients thanks to technological advancements and innovations such as 24/7 mobile booking engines and legal news blogs. Who says technological innovation is the purview of Silicon Valley only?

Kern County Bar Association

The Kern County Bar Association is another important legal institution in Bakersfield. The publisher of important information on its website such as legal news, information on events and other resources for attorneys and professionals, the Kern County Bar is a leader in the area of bringing attorneys together and helping out of town lawyers find professionals for services in and around Bakersfield.

Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance INC

The Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance is a free resource for low income earners in Kern County. Because Bakersfield is made up of many rural and agricultural communities there are a number of people who are living away from their homes or in temporary work situations that require legal aid.

For attorneys, Bakersfield is primarily a location where the areas of practice vary with an emphasis on criminal law, business law, real estate law and employer law.

Whatever your area of practice or profession, Bakersfield, California is an up and coming legal community with a diverse group of professionals from attorneys, reporters, paralegals, videographers and others who make this community very collegial in its social and business culture. The result is a strong commitment toward excellence and forward-thinking philosophies that propel Bakersfield into a new century with confidence and without forgetting old-word traditional business values.

Cady Reporting: Your Cleveland Court Reporters With Global Service Coverage

Cleveland, Ohio is a city with a rich and varied history. It’s legal community is a perfect reflection of the city’s multifarious cultural and historic presence in America. As a gateway to the Midwest, Cleveland maintains a distinctive blend of old-world values and new-world foresight for all things progressive in the business world.

Cleveland court reporters, Cady Reporting, are one of the most respected and renowned of all firms in Ohio’s grandest city. Led by founder and President Chuck Cady, a respected member of the legal community and an active participant in the philanthropic and educational endeavors of Cleveland, Cady Reporting provides services for many of the top law firms across Ohio.

Their services range from court reporting and videoconferencing to trial presentations and subpoena document requests. With offices located in central Cleveland (Western Reserve Building, 1468 West 9th Street, Suite 440, Cleveland, Ohio 44113), Cady also offers conference rooms for meetings and videoconferences with state-of-the-art amenities ranging from ultra high speed wi-fi to high definition video monitors. In addition, Cady Reporting provides all an attorney or law firm needs for their depositions, from transcripts and document repositories to 24/7 mobile bookings.

The firm’s smartphone and tablet-friendly booking engine allows for last-minute schedulings of its services. With Cady Reporting’s memberships and affiliations in many organizations ranging from the National Network Reporting Company to the Ohio Court Reporters Association, the firm is strategically partnered for global service coverage.

Cady Reporting has worked with law firms in all areas of practice, from probates, wills and trusts to business law and medical malpractice. Their expertise and experience make the firm one of the most popular in the city and in the state of Ohio. Because of their strong ties to the Cleveland Community, Cady Reporting is frequently present at community and legal events.

For more information visit the official Cady Reporting website at or their official Facebook page.

The Kelehers Story: How Court Reporters in Fresno Utilize New Technologies to Lead Their Industry

Technology has impacted every aspect of our lives, from communications to driving to health care. One aspect of technology’s influence that often gets over-looked is how it has changed the legal profession. This is especially true for court reporting and litigation support. Fresno court reporters Kelehers Reporting, one of the oldest independent agencies in the nation, has utilized their commitment to digital technology to gain a strategic market advantage in Southern California.

With offices in Visalia and Bakersfield in addition to Fresno, Kelehers has emerged as a front-runner in the usually conservative and sometimes staid legal profession thanks to their commitment to providing the highest quality experiences and services to their clients.

Whether its their state-of-the-art website with 24/7 mobile-friendly scheduling or their sleek conference rooms with ultra high-speed wi fi and high definition video monitors, the Kelehers experience separates the firm from many competitors in and around the Central Valley area.

In many cases, one of the most difficult things to do for a business owner is accept the need for change. With the pressure of modernizing equipment and staying abreast of changes within one’s industry, it is not wonder why some court reporting firms are reluctant to embrace the need for maintaining their technological advantage. It is more common than ever to see websites that are not responsive and mobile-friendly or internet access that is severely limited when it comes to bandwidth. These little details can make or break a company’s place within a competitive market in any industry. For the high pressure fields of litigation support, videography and court reporting, they may mean the difference between attracting new clients and losing current ones.

With national court reporter directories offering service globally, it is paramount for independent local firms to keep up with the rapid pace of change in everything from scheduling forms to file repositories.

National Network Reporting Company Announces New Partner of the Week Program

(USA) January 18, 2017

The National Network Reporting Company is proud to present their latest online feature known as NNRC Partner of the Week. Each week one of the court reporting firms in the NNRC family will be chosen and highlighted on their website on the front page. The front page links to that week’s chosen partner and displays an enlightening interview with that firm’s current president, giving attorneys looking for a quality court reporting firm an insight into the NNRC network.

The NNRC is a court reporters directory dedicated to promoting quality court reporting firms across the United States, Canada, and Europe whilst providing key networking services to today’s legal professionals. The addition of these Partner of the Week bios will help to take the NNRC search function to the next level. Now lawyers and legal professionals will not only be able to quickly find an exceptional National court reporter in their area but will be able to gain imperative insight on that firm’s runnings and principles. Past Partners of the Week can be found under the helpful “About the NNRC” drop-down menu at the top of every page.

For more information check out the NNRC website at, their official Facebook page, or call 866.337.6672.

Los Angeles Court Reporting Firms: Ludwig Klein

Today’s legal professionals are facing new challenges in their cases. With more information coming from diverse sources, information management has become an important component of legal work. Los Angeles court reporters at Ludwig Klein Reporters and Video are working to provide solutions to help lawyers better handle the information in their casework.

Years ago, court reporting firms were primarily the keepers of the legal record. They provided accurate and timely transcripts of legal proceedings, enabling the attorney to refer to courtroom testimony, depositions, and other legal transcripts in the course of their work. Over the years, the court reporting profession has evolved to help attorneys with a variety of litigation support needs.

New tools like videoconferencing, realtime reporting, and online repositories are designed to help the lawyer through all facets of casework. Videoconferencing can provide an effective alternative to travel, realtime reporting can add immediacy to the receipt of rough transcripts, and online repositories provide safe and secure storage of all types of media where they can be accessed easily.

los-angeles-court-reporters (3)With services ranging from real time reporting to videography, Ludwig Klein is one of Southern California’s most respected firms.

Courtroom presentations are an important tool that allows the lawyer to reach jurors in new ways. A media savvy world has led to media savvy jury pools, and that means it is crucial provide immersive presentations that have an impact with jurors.

Today’s court reporters are the important link between law firms and new technology. They can help lawyers meet the needs of demanding clients in a competitive legal environment.

Phoenix, Arizona’s Coash & Coash Providing Court Reporting Since 1981

Founded in 1981 by certified court reporters Gerard T Coash and Meri Coash, Coash & Coash Inc. has been proudly serving the Phoenix, Arizona legal community for over twenty years. They and their team of NCRA-certified reporters offer a selection of court reporting resources to choose from. Coash & Coash are proud to provide for today’s legal professionals by providing the best in convenient services and the latest in court reporting and information storage technologies.

If your legal office or business is in need of experienced, seasoned Phoenix court reporters, contact the Coash & Coash team today:

Phoenix, Arizona Offices

1802 North 7th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85006

Phone: (602) 258-1440
Toll-Free: (800) 262-DEPO (3376)



Ludwig Klein Court Reporters Assisting the Californian Legal Community

Located in Pasadena, California, Ludwig Klein Reporters & Video, Inc. is both owned and operated by a team of certified Pasadena court reporters. Having served the Pasadena legal community for many years, their services are geared towards providing modern conveniences and reliability. They are partnered with several of the leading court reporting agencies in the country, including LiveDepCosition, inData, eDepoze, and the interlinked court reporting network known as the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC). These affiliations allow them to provide state of the art technology while still being universally available.

If your legal office or business is in need of experienced, seasoned court reporters in Pasadena, California, contact the Ludwig Klein team today:

Pasadena, California Offices

1450 West Colorado Boulevard, Suite 200
Pasadena, CA 91105

Phone: 800.540.0681
FAX: 866.323.6210