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Ryan Reporting: Premier Court Reporting Service in Orlando

Orlando is a bustling and ever expanding town. Businesses come and go at the drop of a dime, it seems, but a few have managed to hold their ground despite the tumultuous waters. Ryan Reporting is one of those few businesses. Established all the way back in 1970, Ryan Reporting has made a name for itself as one of the most respected court reporting firms in all of Central Florida.

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Taking the weight off clients’ shoulders

The firm’s longevity can be attributed to a number of factors. Ryan Reporting prides itself in offering top-notch customer service as well as fast and accurate court reporting. A number of litigation services are available—videoconferencing, mediation services, case research, notary services and others. In this vein, Ryan Reporting acts as a “One Stop Shop” for attorneys and paralegals. They also cover a number of areas of practice to fit the needs of any many clients as possible— such as Education Law, Probate Law, Corporate and Securities Law, Immigration Law. Anyone turn to Ryan Reporting in order to fulfill their many legal needs.

Their widespread reach keeps the firm’s name pumping through the beating heart of the Orlando area. A number of communities are happily served by Ryan Reporting— Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, Orange County, Seminole County, Volusia County, Brevard County, and Osceola County. It’s no wonder they are one of Central Florida’s most well-known court reporting firms.

Ryan Reporting offers the best court reporting services in Central Florida

Resources for a client’s best case, every time

Ryan Reporting makes it easy to book any litigation service a client may need. A client can call or email if they desire, but in the digital age, people so often need to do things on the go. This is why Ryan Reporting offers a mobile-friendly booking engine on their website. All a potential client has to do is click on “Request a Service” at the top of the home page, fill in their information and details about the case, and press submit!

A variety of resources are offered to help make the client’s job a little easier. The “FAQ” section answers the many questions a client may have about Ryan Reporting, and court reporting in general. The “Litigation Tips” section hosts a number of pieces on how Ryan Reporting will make a case easier, and “Orlando Legal News” is home to the happenings in the Orlando legal world. The “Court Reporting Section” is full of tips for clients and court reporters on the business, and the “Deposition Checklist” is a downloadable PDF to help clients save time and be efficient when planning their next deposition.

Ryan Reporting is all about making their clients’ lives easier. That is why they offer a number of services, resources, and tips to take some of the stress off a law professional’s shoulders. To contact Ryan Reporting and book a service, call (321) 636-4450, email, or visit their offices.

1670 South Fiske Blvd, Rockledge, Florida 32955, USA

Litigation and Deposition Services in Orlando, Florida with Ryan Reporting


Ryan Reporting is a court reporting firm committed to providing quality court reporting services across Central Florida since 1970. Their offices are located in Rockledge, Florida just a ten-minute drive from the Moore Justice Government Complex in Florida’s Brevard County. This location along with their National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) membership allows Ryan Reporting to give quality service to the Orange County, Brevard County, Orlando, and Melbourne areas as well as offer nationwide referral services in order to aid in any of your case needs.

Litigation Support Services to Cover the Discovery Phase

Because the goal of all Ryan Reporting’s services is to provide the modern legal professional with the best assistance and resources available to meet the array of challenges unique to their cases, they offer a substantial list of quality services. From case preparation to information management, these court reporters wide range of fully computerized services includes nationwide real-time reporting, video conferencing services, highly professional deposition suites throughout Brevard County, telephonic depositions, case research, translation services, both full and condensed transcripts, word indexing, and transcription filing. Their prompt service for both civil and criminal hearings, depositions, and trials are ensured with a day-before confirmation call as well as by making any and all traveling fees a non-issue.

Meeting Legal Needs For The Community

In addition to their court reporting services, Ryan Reporting offers assistance in other legal and professional matters. Should the need arise for an executive office, Ryan Reporting offers Conference Room rentals that include all available technology. They also provide mediation scheduling for all types of concerns, including divorce, family, child custody, business and civil disputes, and workplace conflicts. As important as it is, this central Florida court-reporting firm offers an additional on-demand notary public service. This service is available to help in aiding their legal clients as well as to the general community.