Columbus, Ohio Court Reporters

Columbus, Ohio Court Reporters

Columbus, Ohio Court Reporters


Anderson Reporting is one of the oldest, independently owned court reporting firms not only in Ohio, but the entire United States, and is one of the founding firms of the National Network Reporting Company, which assures quality court reporting firms across the world. For the past 30 years, Anderson Reporting has proved itself as a quality court reporting firm due to its fast, accurate, and responsive staff.

The firm’s independent ownership allows Anderson’s staff to provide their clientele a far more specialized customer service than other court reporting firms are able to offer. Attorneys can be comforted knowing that they can reach their court reporter in a phone call, and that all the firm’s work takes place in the Columbus headquarters– not outsourced to another location. Anderson’s clients have learned to expect nothing but the absolute best service.

The firm offers a number of litigation services that are built to properly serve a wide variety of legal fields. Whether an attorney requires a court reporter, videographer, conference room, or any other litigation service, attorneys and paralegals can expect the same level of dedication to details. On top of quality services, when attorneys schedule a court reporter from Anderson, they can expect a professional who has full understanding of the difficult terminology and nuances that come with their area of practice. These Columbus court reporters are guaranteed to offer unparalleled customer service, as well as top-of-the-line technology.

“Anderson Reporting is proud to offer extensive services for our clients across the great state of Ohio. In addition to real time reporting our law firms often schedule video conferencing and trial support services for us on short notice from Columbus, to Dayton, to Cincinnati,” firm President, Gayle Anderson, says.

The firm offers remote depositions— a resource that allows attorneys, witnesses, and their entire legal teams to meet “face-to-face” without the hustle that comes with travel. Attorneys can hear and see their entire legal teams with Anderson’s quality equipment over a secure server, all from the comfort of their home. They even offer diverse video and text options for remote attendees.

Anderson Reporting provides clients a fresh customer service and commitment to even the tiny details of a client’s case. Attorneys are far more than just a number or the ends to a mean. At Anderson, clients are individuals with unique needs that need to be addressed specialized ways. Clients don’t get lost in the shuffle of big business like they might at other firms. This is what truly separates them from other major court reporting firms across the country.

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