Court Reporters Help Lawyers Win Prominent Cases Nationwide

It seems like every week a new court case captures the public’s attention. Whether it involves a high-profile public figure facing criminal charges, a celebrity defamation trial, a class-action lawsuit, a bankruptcy proceeding or some other type of legal proceedings that draw people’s gaze, you can bet that the lawyers involved have turned to court reporters and court reporting firms to help them prepare for trial. Attorneys and law firms utilize court reporting in the United States to strengthen their cases in numerous ways, as court reporting companies across the country provide many support services that help legal professionals before, during and after trial.

Lawsuits against businesses and corporations often grab a lot of press attention, as they can deal with issues like product safety, negligence, discrimination and the like. In Texas, when businesses file lawsuits against each other, these cases will now be heard by “business trial courts,” according to legislation just passed by the state legislature. Court reporters in Texas can work for either the litigants or the defendants in business litigation cases, helping either side bolster its case with services such as legal videography, photography services, remote deposition services, trial presentation services and more.

In the lead-up to trials, as lawyers interview witnesses and piece together evidence to build their cases, many times they will rely upon court reporting firms to conduct and record remote depositions of material witnesses and character witnesses. This testimony can prove highly valuable to lawyers as they construct a persuasive case to sway a judge or jury.

In high-profile cases across the nation, law firms and attorneys rely upon court reporters and court reporting companies to build strong cases and ultimately prevail, resulting in favorable verdicts and rulings for the lawyers’ clients.  In case after case, these court reporters are the unsung heroes, doing the legwork that enables trial lawyers to excel.