The Kelehers Story: How Court Reporters in Fresno Utilize New Technologies to Lead Their Industry

Technology has impacted every aspect of our lives, from communications to driving to health care. One aspect of technology’s influence that often gets over-looked is how it has changed the legal profession. This is especially true for court reporting and litigation support. Fresno court reporters Kelehers Reporting, one of the oldest independent agencies in the nation, has utilized their commitment to digital technology to gain a strategic market advantage in Southern California.

With offices in Visalia and Bakersfield in addition to Fresno, Kelehers has emerged as a front-runner in the usually conservative and sometimes staid legal profession thanks to their commitment to providing the highest quality experiences and services to their clients.

Whether its their state-of-the-art website with 24/7 mobile-friendly scheduling or their sleek conference rooms with ultra high-speed wi fi and high definition video monitors, the Kelehers experience separates the firm from many competitors in and around the Central Valley area.

In many cases, one of the most difficult things to do for a business owner is accept the need for change. With the pressure of modernizing equipment and staying abreast of changes within one’s industry, it is not wonder why some court reporting firms are reluctant to embrace the need for maintaining their technological advantage. It is more common than ever to see websites that are not responsive and mobile-friendly or internet access that is severely limited when it comes to bandwidth. These little details can make or break a company’s place within a competitive market in any industry. For the high pressure fields of litigation support, videography and court reporting, they may mean the difference between attracting new clients and losing current ones.

With national court reporter directories offering service globally, it is paramount for independent local firms to keep up with the rapid pace of change in everything from scheduling forms to file repositories.

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