featured-court-reporting-firmsToday’s court reporters are helping attorneys find new ways to serve their clients. From technology that helps during the case preparation phase to courtroom presentation tools, there are a number of possibilities for attorneys to take advantage of the experience that comes with these top court reporting professionals.

Reaching Jurors

Courtroom presentations have become a pivotal part of trail work. Today’s jurors are becoming more media-savvy, and they can be reached through new technology. Immersive videos, graphics, and other presentations can help enhance your arguments and provide a fresh way to meet jurors.

Information Management

During case preparation, managing information is crucial. Court reporting professionals can provide indexing that allows legal teams to quickly find the information they need to advance their cases. Realtime reporting is another time saving tool that can be used during depositions. Get instant access to a rough transcript of proceedings through this tool that allows attorneys to work on transcripts as soon as proceedings end.

Choosing a Court Reporting Firm

New technology in the courtroom and in law firms can change the way that attorneys approach their casework. For lawyers around the country, locating the right firm can be a crucial decision, helping the legal professional align with a team that can offer solutions to meet today’s challenges.