National Reporting Network and Its Member Firms Continue Online Marketing Push

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC), a growing network of independent court reporting companies, has continued its drive to educate the legal community about the helpful services its member firms across America perform for legal professionals. Headquartered in California, NNRC stands at the forefront of the legal support services industry, as its member companies routinely adopt the latest innovations to improve the quality of service they can provide for clients. The network’s court reporters in America work at respected and established firms across the nation. Visit the network’s website to learn more about its partner firms and where they’re located.

For several months, NNRC and some of its member firms have engaged in an online marketing campaign to spread awareness about their services and reach more lawyers nationwide. Through a coordinated series of press releases, blog posts and social media posts, these companies have publicized their services and marketed themselves to the legal community in particular markets, as well as across the country. NNRC has sought to strengthen its position as one of the leading providers of court reporting in the US. While the member firms seek to improve their online rankings in their given geographic markets.

NNRC and its member companies, standard setters for court reporting in the US, maintain high standards for professionalism throughout the network. Lawyers who work with an NNRC member company in California can expect the same high level of work and expertise from NNRC member companies in states like Florida, Texas, Michigan and Ohio. The court reporters for NNRC companies deliver first-rate litigation support and legal support services across America, as well as in Canada and in Europe.

Contact NNRC to learn how this innovative court-reporting network helps law firms and lawyers win major cases and lawsuits throughout the country. The company can put you in touch with one of its affiliate firms to help you win your next case.