NNRC Continues to Build Its Network Across America

With nearly 30 partner court reporting companies and counting, NNRC continues to grow in strength and prominence. The National Network of Reporting Companies has affiliate companies in many major metropolitan areas across the United States, allowing it to provide first-rate legal support services to attorneys and lawyers across the nation. One of NNRC’s newest partners, Network Deposition Services, a Pittsburgh-based reporting firm, has served legal clients in the Steel City for more than 15 years. The partnership between NNRC and Network Deposition Services should solidify the standing of NDS as a leader for court reporting in Pittsburgh.

The NNRC offers a helpful database of its member companies on its website, for lawyers who may need to avail themselves of the services of a quality court reporting company. Legal professionals whose cases require them to travel to other states for trials, depositions or hearings can often find a company affiliated with NNRC to assist them. Attorneys traveling to Philadelphia or Pittsburgh for cases can find top court reporters in Pennsylvania through NNRC’s database. Likewise, the NNRC database lists member companies in California, Texas, Florida and many other states.

Based in California, NNRC connects lawyers across the United States with reporting companies that can help them win lawsuits and cases. NNRC also has partner companies in Canada and in Europe. Attorneys and lawyers can locate highly capable and professional court reporting companies by searching the NNRC database. The far-flung NNRC network can be utilized to coordinate remote depositions with witnesses across vast geographic expanses. An NNRC member company in one state can help a member company on the other side of the country with a remote deposition.

Consider NNRC member companies for all types of legal support services for your next litigation. The companies provide excellent transcription services, trial presentation services, legal video production, remote depositions, real-time reporting and more.