Synchronized Video Depositions

Synchronized Video Depositions

Knowing which details to present and when to present them is a key component to a polished presentation that will allow your team to control the cross-examination. Yet, being able to recall those details amongst hours of depositions accumulated over a length of time can be difficult. This is where synchronized video depositions shine.

Real-time Recall Aid

As a revolutionary litigation aid, synchronized video depositions are composed of built-in software that synchronizes the written transcript provided for you by Portland court reporters  and other legal professionals in Oregon, to the video playback. Now your litigation team can read what’s on screen as it is said, making it easier to search in real time for key words and phrases that punctuate your point. Additionally, the written transcript allows for easily searchable indexing, and your team can use the system to immediately locate and playback important passages at a moment’s notice.

Better Jury Retention

jury1smallAdditionally, this format helps the jury to better retain the information presented. With four different types of common learning styles, synchronized video depositions provide for three of them. Now your jury has the potential to use the visual, auditory, and reading-induced learning styles when retaining essential details. This can be especially helpful when it comes to business or medical malpractice law where the jury may be unfamiliar with the terminology being used.


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