Court Reporting Firms Compile Resourceful Databases

Any experienced legal professional knows the sheer amount of information and paperwork involved in every single case. And while being detail oriented is a quality found in all good attorneys, piles of informative documents can take time and attention away from the important matter at hand – your case.

Providing Powerful Document Management

Thankfully, independent court reporting firms have made it their mission to provide full litigation support, and none more so than Seattle court reporting firm, Naegeli Deposition and Trial. Naegeli’s services include providing each client with powerful document management. They specialize in database creation and management, coding and data extraction, standard and oversized duplications, as well as physical and logical document utilization.

Logical Document Utilization with Searchable Indexing

These full-service document solutions employ high-speed image scanning, electronic file conversion, electronic Bates numbering, load files, and OCR. In addition, Naegeli’s website is built to host your new file library and is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, providing your office with a secondary back-up as well as direct file downloads whenever and wherever you need them.

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  1. […] Court reporting companies in Portland have long been offering full litigation support services, but what exactly to those services entail? At Naegeli Deposition and Trial, their litigation support solutions include an extremely useful scanning and organizing feature for legal documents and digital information. With legal copy services, legal document scanning, electronic forensics, document retrieval, document destruction, and trial exhibition production all available within their package, Naegeli is able to use their updated website to host and provide all files with proper indexing at a moment’s notice no matter your location. And thanks to their HIPPA certification and commitment, all documents handled by these Portland court reporters are held with the utmost confidentiality. […]

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