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How Bakersfield Has Become a Legal Center in California’s Kern County

Bakersfield is a city on the rise. Long the major town of Kern County in California’s central valley, at the southern end of the San Joaquin valley, court reporters, paralegals, attorneys and other legal professionals are transforming the city into a legal hotspot.

Bakersfield Court Reporters

Bakersfield court reportersBakersfield court reporters, like Kelehers Reporting, are changing the way local and state reporting firms are attracting new clients thanks to technological advancements and innovations such as 24/7 mobile booking engines and legal news blogs. Who says technological innovation is the purview of Silicon Valley only?

Kern County Bar Association

The Kern County Bar Association is another important legal institution in Bakersfield. The publisher of important information on its website such as legal news, information on events and other resources for attorneys and professionals, the Kern County Bar is a leader in the area of bringing attorneys together and helping out of town lawyers find professionals for services in and around Bakersfield.

Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance INC

The Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance is a free resource for low income earners in Kern County. Because Bakersfield is made up of many rural and agricultural communities there are a number of people who are living away from their homes or in temporary work situations that require legal aid.

For attorneys, Bakersfield is primarily a location where the areas of practice vary with an emphasis on criminal law, business law, real estate law and employer law.

Whatever your area of practice or profession, Bakersfield, California is an up and coming legal community with a diverse group of professionals from attorneys, reporters, paralegals, videographers and others who make this community very collegial in its social and business culture. The result is a strong commitment toward excellence and forward-thinking philosophies that propel Bakersfield into a new century with confidence and without forgetting old-word traditional business values.