Cady Reporting Announces Personal Injury Court Reporters

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(Cleveland, Ohio) December 8, 2021

Cady Reporting is pleased to announce their page on personal injury court reporters. Court reporters are essential to any legal team, but what makes them even more valuable is when they have a solid understand of the area of practice in which their case takes place. Cady Reporting is happy to offer a number of court reporting professionals who specialize in a variety of areas of practice, including personal injury law. By working with one of these Cleveland court reporters, clients are guaranteed a cleaner, more accurate transcript the first time, making the service as a whole faster.

With Cady Reporting, clients can always expect speedy, accurate service. Firm president Chuck Cady set the high standard for reporting through his three wins of the Ohio Cup for court reporting speed and accuracy. As a result, each staff member is held standard of speed and accuracy, giving attorneys the confidence of knowing they are getting the best transcript as soon as possible.

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“Cady Reporting is the BEST court reporting company out there,” one client says. “They are always there to help with scheduling Interpreters, serve Subpoenas promptly when needed, and have a Reporter present even if it is last minute. The transcripts are always checked for misspellings and done in a timely fashion. The employees are great to work with as well. A great company!”

When attorneys work with Cady Reporting, they have all the litigation support services they need to be successful in the palm of their hands. From court reporting, to legal videography, to remote depositions, and more, Cady Reporting is the premiere litigation support firm in Cleveland.

For more information, call (216) 861-9270, email, or visit their offices.

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