Digitization of Court Reporting Seen in Markets Nationwide

From coast to coast, in markets large and small, court reporters have increasingly adapted their services to a changing world. More and more, court reporting companies make their services available through digital apps, so that busy attorneys, lawyers and other legal professionals can access them on smartphones, tablets and other devices while on the go. While court reporting firms in large cities may have spearheaded the trend, companies in mid-size cities and markets can also develop apps to compete on a level playing field. Many court reporters in Las Vegas, one of America’s fastest-growing cities, now connect with and communicate with their clients through mobile apps, allowing clients to access important documents, such as depositions, remotely.

This trend, the digitization of court reporting, has occurred on a broad scale across the country, leaving stagnant companies behind. Whether they need mobile litigation support, legal videography services or some other type of support service from a court reporting company, lawyers want to have instant access to their information and files in today’s fast-paced, digitally connected world. When it comes to court reporting in Nevada, this may mean providing attorneys in Las Vegas, Henderson and Reno with immediate access to remote depositions in personal injury cases, family law cases, divorce cases, criminal cases, immigration cases, bankruptcy cases and other types of cases.  Court reporters who do not offer such access risk losing business to competitors who cater to lawyers’ needs for this access to information.

In small and large markets across the U.S., court reporters can serve their legal clients better with digital and remote services. Though court reporting companies in large cities such as Houston, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago adopted these techniques early on, the practice has since expanded to markets such as Las Vegas, Columbus, Miami, San Francisco and Detroit.